Our School Story

Enhancing Student Learning at Thompson – Our Story – Who are we?

Each year, in British Columbia, as part of the goal to make the educational experience for our students as rich and fulfilling as possible members of the school community talk about how student learning can be enhanced.  Through conversation, collaboration and student experiences we look for ways to celebrate student’s success and plan for on-going learning enhancement.

Thompson prides itself on being a welcoming school with a strong sense of community.  Our motto “Thinking, Learning and Caring” is a strong part of school culture.   Social relationships are nurtured and strong sense of social responsibility is supported through a school wide STRIPE matrix.

In short, over the past four years, our professional learning community has focused on:

• Social Responsibility(2017/18),

• Communicating Student Learning, as part of the Student Reporting Pilot Project(2018/19),

• Creating a Culture of Thinking 2019/20.

• Making Thinking Visible (2020/2021)

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