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Library Learning Commons

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Spring Break Library Activities

How about a Scavenger Hunt? Find cool items while you read, in a garden or around home. Search for things starting with letters of the alphabet, in certain colours or by their size. Choose from any of the images below for a fun activity.

Why not take part in the Thompson Library Challenge. While you are learning from home, your goal is to complete the following challenges. Open the PDF link to read, create and play during spring break. 


Innovation and Inquiry Grant

InquiryThompson library is the recipient of a $2000 Innovation and Inquiry Grant. In collaboration with intermediate teachers, the following tech resources and supplies will be purchased for use by students in the library. Apple pencils, recording microphones and studio recording microphone isolation shields will allow students to question, collaborate and learn together. 

Our Thompson learning community collaborated on creating this identity visual storytelling project, The Kindness Quilt. Each "tile" image depicts a personal narrative of different acts of kindness that are connected and "woven" together to create this collaborative kindness quilt.
The Kindness Quilt honours and celebrates the many acts of kindness in our professional and learning community and families at Thompson school. Each tile reflects the importance and value of knowing who we are as capable and caring unique individuals who are connected by kindness in our diverse community (Personal Social Awareness and Responsibility Core Competencies).
The Kindness Quilt project reflects the First People's Principles of Learning: how learning is exploring one's identity; learning is holistic, reflective and reflexive, and interconnected to place with one another. Elders and children come together sharing knowledge and learning through memories and storytelling. Being Kind requires patience and time and more importantly, relationships nurtured and cherished.

The Kindness Quilt project is also Thompson's school's  commitment to the Call to Action towards Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation.  As a community, we are committed to respecting, honouring and empowering individual strengths, passions and nurturing the youngest generation towards their goals and dreams. "We can do hard things" with perseverance, teamwork and kindness.