Making Thinking Visible

As an extention of the work we did as a staff last year in the area of Communicating Student Learning via our ePortfolios, we're taking our Professional Development to the next level focusing on making thinking more visible in our classrooms.

Our staff were each given a book called "Making Thinking Visible" (MTV) and we will use that book by experimenting with various strategies within that book. We will feature these examples on our school web page under the "Our School Story" link.

The samples shared here by Enrolling Classroom Teachers, Non-enrolling Teachers, and the Principal are great examples of the start we have with MTV and using this resource. 

This Padlet shown in the evidence section is itself an example of how to make thinking more visible. Using this padlet as a tool for our staff to see how each of us plans to make thinking more visible for our learners may inspire new ideas, and foster a greater culture of sharing our ideas with each other. The show and tell at the December 2nd staff meeting is yet another example. We will do this again during our January 28th Professional Development Day. 

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021