Creating a culture of thinking in Mrs. Ginet’s K/1 classroom

How Can We Show Our Thinking? 

To create a culture of thinking in Mrs. Ginet’s classroom, we learned a new thinking routine called CSI. (Colour Symbol Image). Students were asked to choose a colour that would represent a specific feeling for them. Different face symbols were used to represent different emotions. (Sadness, Happiness, Fear, Anger). At this stage, the image (body) was chosen for the students by the teacher. After months of exploring ideas about our identity and what makes us unique, I asked the students if they can choose colours that represent their feelings, and asked where in their bodies might they feel this color? Students were able to make connections about why they chose each colour and why they feel this way. This shows me that students are actually quite self -aware at a younger age and can explain their thinking about emotions, even though it is a harder concept. Adelyn was able to make deeper thinking connections about how each color represented a feeling specific to her and could explain her thinking. But, she did colour her eyes green instead of blue, because she actually has green eyes! So, we will continue to learn this thinking routine, so we can foster deeper thinking and not always be so literal.

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021