Thompson's K/1s Thanksgiving Feast

The fantastic Four. Our four K/1 teachers (Mrs. Rose, Mrs. TV, Ms Ginet and Ms. Perez) model the mindset of collaboration, community, and communication as they work together with their unit planning, and make learning special for their students. Last year they hosted Marveous Minds, and this year they hosted a Thanksgiving feast. Read below what their teaching intentions were, and the difference it made to how our students conduct themselves.

Our Vision: 

- to build a positive mindset through shared learning experiences (collaboration, community, communication)

- for our students to experience and express gratitude

- having a gratitude attitude


Goal/Core Competency Connection: Personal Awareness and Responsibility

- I understand that my actions can have a positive result for me and/or for others


What did we do?


- explored our community by going on a field trip to Taves Apple Farms

- created recipes using local ingredients (like the apples)

- reminded students about where their food comes from (connection to community)

- discussed why and how to be Thankful

- co-planned with the students to create our Thanksgiving feast

- joyfully participated in our communal feast, which included mindful cooking, table setting, friendship favors, thankful song and universal Thank you


How did we know it made a difference?

- all students were very engaged and helpful during our feast

- we heard many "please" and "thank you" gratitude responses

- in our classes today, we see our students' gratitude attitudes extending beyond our classroom walls (to other students, to animals and to the environment)


Next Steps:

- to complete an environmental community care project. Stay tuned.


The K/1 Team: Mrs. Rose, Mrs. TV. Ms. Ginet, and Ms. Perez

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021