Our School Story

Enhancing Student Learning at Thompson – Our Story – Who are we?

Each year, in British Columbia, as part of the goal to make the educational experience for our students as rich and fulfilling as possible members of the school community talk about how student learning can be enhanced.  Through conversation, collaboration and student experiences we look for ways to celebrate student’s success and plan for on-going learning enhancement.

Thompson prides itself on being a welcoming school with a strong sense of community.  Our motto “Thinking, Learning and Caring” is a strong part of school culture.   Social relationships are nurtured and strong sense of social responsibility is supported through a school wide STRIPE matrix.

In February of 2017 we began a journey to go deeper into understanding our school culture and who we are as a community.

We started with our students, the heart of our school.  During a family team activity, we were inspired by the book the "Map Book" by Sara Fanelli.  In the book the author introduces the concept of mapping to students through a series of illustrations.  A powerful page in the book prompts children to think about what would put into a map of their heart. 

After reading it a loud to the students, they were asked to work collaboratively to create heart shaped collages that highlighted what Thompson students value, loved and thought was is important to our school.  They used pictures, scrap paper and words to capture their thoughts.

Students identified kindness, teamwork, caring, respect, a safe community and inclusion as words to describe the values of our school (see pictures).  They also identified a strong connection to the adults in the school and the students valued the many opportunities that they have both inside and outside the classroom.

At Thompson, there is strong parental involvement.  The school PAC actively supports students and staff through various initiatives.   Families in the school are welcoming and supportive.  We wanted to gain a better understanding of what Thompson families valued about the school.  On rolling board displays, parents commented on how inclusive the school is and how welcoming it is.  They felt a strong sense of belonging and that their children are cared for and safe.  

Staff were also asked the question “What is our school doing right?” and “What makes you proud to be a staff member at Thompson?” Staff identified a strong sense of community and family, collaboration, caring and supportive school as strengths. 

As a school community Thompson focus on building positive, healthy relationships continues to be the foundation of the school as identified through the process described above.  Thompson students, staff and parents are proud of the school and the positive culture that exists.

For the 2018/19 school year we continued the story with going deeper into understanding our school culture and who we are as a community. Pockets of teachers who teach similar grades are doing their own "growth mindset projects."  We are also doing school-wide projects connected to our Multi-aged Family Team activities.