Parking Lot Guidelines

Please see the attached visual (in both English and Chinese) for our parking lot guidelines. These guidelines are in place to assist with our parking lot efficiency and safety. The rainy weather is before us, so we tend to have more cars coming into our parking lot, and more cars equals traffic congestion. More traffic congestion can be a factor affecting safety. 

The attached maps are self-explanatory for where to go and not go. In short, the best thing you can do to avoid traffic congestion in our parking lot is to not enter the parking lot at all unless you must. Particularly for our older students (grade 3-7), they are very capable of walking 100m to the school from a drop off spot (that is not in the parking lot) that your family deems optimal. The older students can easily and safely walk this distance, even the rain. 

We obviously want our drop off procedures to be as positive as possible so everyone can a good start to their day. However, if you find yourself stuck our parking lot, frustrated with the traffic congestion, remember that your vehicle is part of the problem.  

Also, once in our parking lot, please respect the signs and expectations of the parking lot. We can have the most organized parking lot system in the world, but if people are not following/respecting the guidelines, then the system breaks down. We also ask that students and parents use the crosswalk (often supervised by a parent volunteer). Walking through the parking lot is not safe with all the cars backing up etc. 

Thank you in advance for keep our parking lot moving efficiently and keeping everyone safe. 


More Parent voluteers are needed for our parking lot. If you are able to assist, please contact Jen Dahl for details at or text 604-908-6829

Updated: Monday, November 22, 2021