Useful Student Websites

Useful Websites

Student Resource Websites Check out the following websites for reference and research information for homework and school projects. 

 [ is external) ] is external) ]Wikipedia is external) ]National Geographics Kids is external) ]Kids Link is external) ]MetaCrawler is external) ]Yahoo Canada is external) ]Altavista Canada is external) ]Speedy Sums is external) ]Homework Helper is external) ] is external) ]Rainforest Math is external) ]Healthy Living is external) ]Cool Math is external) ]Measure It Math is external) ]Solids & Liquids

Internet Use / Safety is external) ]Get Net Wise- a comprehensive web site that examines issue around internet safety and provides suggestions for minimizing the risks that children face online is external) ]Web Wise Kids- an animated tour that provides information on the dangers of the internet and how to make good choices when surfing the internet. Uses the 'Missing' video as part of their delivery of information. is external) ]SafeKids - tips, advice and suggestions for making your child's internet experience safe, fun and productive

Research and Reference is external) ]Richmond Public Library - search for or renew library books, link to various research web sites, or link to various community resources is external) ]Awesome Library - a comprehensive site of reference materials and information sources for all subject areas is external) ]Ask Jeeves for Kids - just type in your questions and Jeeves will lead you to the answer is external) ]Community Learning Network - a site put out by Open School BC that has information and activities for just about everyone is external) ]Internet Public Library For Kids - various sites, books, magazines and reference materials, all online, all for kids is external) ]Studyology - tips and information for helping students study is external) ]Resource Room - a site that provides ideas, links and ways of helping students who learn differently or who have 'learning difficulties' 

Search Engines [ is external) ]Google- the most comprehensive search engine, however does not have a kidfriendly version.  Click on the images option to search for pictures. is external) ]KidsClick - a great web guide and search tool for kids developed by librarians. is external) ]Yahooligans - a kid friendly jump page for various topics related to school and personal interests

Homework Recommended Websites:

[ is external)

[ (link is external) Big Chalk This is a great resource for teachers, parents and students, especially for  homework.

 [ is external) ] ](link is external) is external) ] is external) Ask-the-Expert  This site makes it easy for students to find appropriate places to get their  questions answered.

 [ is external) ]  Ask Jeeves for Kids  Lets students search for answers to questions. It is very child friendly. is external) ] 

[ is external) ] National Geographic A fantastic homework help site for students. is external) ] ] Fact(link is external) Monster A child friendly site that provides answers by curriculum areas.

 [ is external) ] Time for Kids Keep up with current affairs around the world and at home.

 [ is external) ] ](link is external)  Library in the Sky This is a useful resource for children. is external) ] ] Geographic(link is external)  Lots of facts and information about different countries and  people. is external) ] Mr Dowling's Site Social Studies resources for students.

Blue Web'n This is a great resource for students and teachers. [ is external) ]

Educational game centre. [ is external) ] ](link is external)

Online Encyclopedias [ is external) ] ]Columbia(link is external) Encyclopedia "Containing nearly 51,000 entries (marshalling six and one-half million words on a vast range of topics)...." is external) ] ](link is external) Fact Monster Almanac (Kids' Infoplease) Contains same entries as Columbia Encyclopedia but offers categories to simplify searching: biographies, U.S. history, science, world history, etc. is external) ] Wikipedia An interesting encyclopedia concept articles are written and edited by contributers from around the world. Articles can be accessed in numerous languages. is external) ] ](link is external) About Equal parts encyclopedia, almanac, how to guide, etc. is external) ] ](link is external) Encarta Good free encyclopedia produced by Microsoft

 [ is external) ] ]Britannica(link is external) Provides small articles if you do not subscribe. At the bottom of the article is a link to a "student" entry. is external) ] ](link is external) Electric Library This database accesses full-text from magazines, books, newspapers,and other sources. Username and password are needed for home use.

 [ is external) ] ](link is external) Altapedia Online Contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world      

General Reference Engines

 [ is external) ] ](link is external) Library Spot "A free virtual library resource center for educators and students...."

 [ is external) ] Know Play? Containsencyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, ryhming dictionary, books ofquotations and reference works covering a wide range of subjects    Student Appropriate Search Engines is external) ] ](link is external) Ask Jeeves for Kids is external) ] ](link is external)

Yahooligans  [ is external) ]

Kids' Click  [ is external) ] ](link is external)

The Internet Public Library [ is external)] ](link is external)

Awesome Library for Kids [ is external) ] ](link is external)

Kid's Search Tools  An index of child appropriate search engines     Educational Sites With a Broad Range of Activities 

 [ is external) ] ](link is external)  Billy Bear 4 Kids # Educational games, puzzles, and activities for grades K - 2 is external) ] is external)  ] Educational games on all levels pre-K to 5, math skills practice, word games, etc.

 [ is external) ]  Thissite contains many interactive activities that are tied to themes for K- 3. It also provides teacher resources for projects & ideas to gowith the themes. is external) ]  Education games for lower elementary is external) ] ](link is external) Activities, games, and resources in all subject areas is external) ] Activities, games, and resources in all subject areas is external) ] Activities, games, and resources in all subject areas is external) ] An interactive site for critical thinking and problem solving skills

 [ is external) ] Broad range resource for lesson plans and activities K - 2

 [ is external) ]  A "Learn-to-Read" website, animated, students can click on words to hear pronounciation

 [ is external)  Fripple Place Grades1 & 2 Language and Critical Thinking; Early readers use theircritical thinking skills to synthesize information and practicedeductive reasoning

 [ is external) ] Balanced Literacy An index of sites compiled at the East Meadow District Homepage

 [ is external) ] Spinning the Web for K-2 Teachers A site developed for K-2 teachers by BOCES Professional Trainers Joanne Diskin and Jean Stanziale

 [ is external) ]  Numerous pre-school activities and stories developed by the Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

 [ is external) ] Many interactive activities for lower elementary


 [ is external) ] Math games appropriate for children 3 - 6

 [ is external) ]Students can click on images and letters to hear the word and letter sounds.

 [ is external) ] Matching letters, finding missing letters, finding the missing letter in a sequence, etc

 [ is external) ] Matching upper and lower case letters Math  

 [ is external) ]  A two player game using the Order of Operations to place pieces on a board

 [ is external) ] A website that enables students to make graphs and print them out.

 [ is external) ] Numerous math activities superbly presented

 [ is external) ] Base 10 manipulatives can be used to explore concrete examples of place value and math operations.

 [ is external) ] Numerous elementary math activities can be found at this site.

 [ is external) ] Math Mavens Mysteries On-line problem solving math activities with skills including: geometry, measurement, time, probability and more. is external) ] Thanks Ashley Henderson Site contains math activities, math links, and teacher resources

 [ is external) ] Ready-to-use, online, interactive, math lessons, also a links page to other math resources

 [ is external) ] ](link is external) Site provides math practice and activities for students Numeration

 [ is external) ] Base Ten blocks to the hundreds place

 [ is external) ] Base Ten Blocks to the thousands place Calculation 

 [ is external) ] Counting and simple addition with a time limit.

 [ is external) ] A very user friendly flash card program for all four operations

 [ is external) ] Select difficulty levels for all four operations and rounding

 [ is external) ] ](link is external) A site dedicated to learning multiplication facts. Contains lessons, interactive games, learning strategies, etc.

 [ is external) ] A math game for multiplication, addition, and subtraction Measurement is external) ] Practice using a ruler in inches and centimeters

 [ is external) ] A large analog clock with hands that can be moved in 1, 5, 15, 30 or hour increments.

 [ is external) ] A short quiz followed by a clock face with movable hands

 [ is external) ] Go to "Smiley Clock." This is a quiz activity using 5 minute increments.

 [ is external) ] Move the clock hands and choose the time in words - "two twenty"

 [,f,46,28(link is external) ] Clock faces have to be put in the right order - uses am and pm Geometry is external) ] Geoboards help students identify simple geometric shapes, describe their properties, and develop spatial sense.

 [ is external) ] Studentscan explore the shapes, attributes, symmetry, tessellations, fractions,etc., i.e., square, triangle, trapezoid, rhombus, and hexagon shapescan be rotated and fit together.  

 [ is external) ]  A drawing program based on mirror and rotational symmetry

 [ is external) ] Build shapes using 3 dimensional blocks.

 [,,NAV2-21_SAP244,00....(link is external) ] Program a "mouse" to draw shapes. Uses LOGO commands. A good program to use in order to explore the properties of angles.

 [ is external) ] This classic game is simple to use but quite challenging to solve.

 [ is external) ] Simple tangram puzzles using outlines to guide the creation of designs

 [ is external) ] Another challenging tangram program

 [ is external) ] ](link is external) Fractals This is a complete unit for beginners on these fascinating geometric figures. Estimation

 [ is external) ] Rounding Flashcards for rounding 10s and 100s place plus flashcards for all math operations   Fractions

 [ is external) ] Fraction Help for Parents and Students This site contains a complete step-by-step tutorial on all aspects of fractions. is external) ]  A simple guide to fractions with activities included

 [ is external) ]  Examples of fractions using number lines and pie charts, also drills and explainations

 [ is external) ] A two player game using fractions

 [ is external) ] An interesting fraction game Money

 [ is external) ] Interactive money game for grades 2-4.

 [ is external) ] Piggy Bank Good money games requiring adding of coins

 [ is external) ] Students must find the total of the coins and bills shown

 [ is external) ] The first unit is concerned with the value of coins.

Language Arts

 [ is external) ] Practice making change at various levels of difficulty Language Arts

 [ is external) ] Online Magazines [ is external) ] Puzzlemaker Thisis a Discovery Channel site that allows students and teachers to maketheir own crosswords, word searches, mazes and other games. Studentscan EASILY make their own puzzles, review, edit and print withinminutes.

 [ is external) ] ](link is external) Starfall A "Learn-to-Read" website, animated, students can click on words to hear pronounciation

 [ is external) ] Compare and Contrast Small articles to read and small quizzes asking readers to compare and contrast information. is external) ] Write Express - Online Rhyming Dictionary A searchable rhyming dictionary

 [ is external) ] RhymeZone A searchable rhyming dictionary, synonyms, antonyms and more

 [ is external) ] Lil Fingers Online stories for beginning readers

 [ is external) ] Fripple Place Grades1 & 2 Language and Critical Thinking; Early readers use theircritical thinking skills to synthesize information and practicedeductive reasoning

 [ is external) ] Interactive games to support language arts

 [ is external) ] The Idiom Connection English idioms and quizzes

 [ is external) ] Jan Brett Forteachers and students, grades K-3. A monthly update of activities,books, tours about the author, etc. relating to Jan Brett.

 [ is external) ] Berenstain Bears Country Grades K-2;  Visit the library, take in a movie, send an e-mail to the characters, or take a tour of the Bear's Tree House Online Magazines

 [ is external) ] TIME for Kids

 [ is external) ] The Weekly Reader

 [ is external) ] Scholastic

Science is external) ]The National Geographic Science

 [ is external) ] Explore Science "...students visualize, experiment, and interact with many of the major concepts in science." Most  activities are on the secondary level but there are some that will interest elementary students. is external) ] BrainPop Fast downloading animated videos explaining topics in Health, Science,and Technology

 [ is external) ] The Yuckiest Site on the Internet Explains in simple terms many body functions that children often ask about Biology

 [ is external) ] Biomes

 [ is external) ] Cells

 [ is external) ] Dinosaurs

 [ is external) ] Plants

 [ is external) ] Rainforest

 [ is external) ] Wetlands Animals is external) ] ](link is external) ENature A site developed by the National Wildlife Federation. The "Field Guide" section is an animal encyclopedia.

 [ is external) ] Animal Planet Contains an animal encyclopedia in the "Animals A to Zoo" section.

 [ is external) ] Sea World/BuschGardens This section is an encyclopedia for sea animals

 [ is external) ] Birds A bird encyclopedia developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

 [ is external) ] Bats 4 Kids A website designed for children about the about a fascinating creature.

 [ is external) ] Butterfly Site Forboth teachers and students, grades K-4. Site contains life cycles ofbutterflies as well as interesting facts and fascinating trivia.

 [ is external) ] Aninteractive site with dinosaur facts, books, games, puzzles, etc. fromthe Carnegie Museum of Natural History Online for students in grades2-4.

 [ is external) ] Natural History Notebooks Fascinating facts about 246 animal species from the Canadian Museum of Nature

 [ is external) ] The San Diego Zoo Many features about animal life

 [ is external) ] Grades 4 to 8; An interactive online game for students to solve mysteries while uncovering facts about ocean life Wetlands  

 [ is external)  ]Wetlands Created by the Missouri Botanical Garden

 [ is external) ] Welcome to the Wetlands A wetlands website developed by Mike Mountain Horse School in Alberta Canada

 [ is external) ] The Wetlands Project A wetlands website developed by the 5th and 6th grade students at Russell Elementary School is external) ] The Dieback of Wetlands in Louisiana A site describing the dying of wetland grasses in Louisiana and efforts to restore them

 [ is external) ] Wetlands Online Mapper A digital map of the the U.S. enabling investigation of wetland locations is external) ] Biomes of the World Explanations of six major biomes, this site links to similar sites for marine and freshwater ecosystems is external) ] Biomes These biome webpages were developed by approximately seventy 9th grade students at Thurston High School  in Springfield, Oregon in 1997.

 [ is external) ] Mission: Biomes A biome section of the "Earth Observatory" website created by NASA

 [ is external) ] Introduction to Biomes Good data for young students about biomes Plants

 [ is external) ] Plants and their Structure A large site offering illustrations and pictures of the internal structures of plants

 [ is external) ]Plants and our Environment A large student friendly site created by students for Think Quest is external) ] About Plants A site created by Dr. Geeta at SUNY Stony Brook - college level but contains useful pictures and explanations Rainforest

 [ is external) ] The Rainforest An index of educational Rainforest sites collected by Kennesaw State University.

 [ is external) ] All About Rainforests Enchanted Learning's large Rainforest site designed for elementary students

 [ is external) ] Jungle Photos  Photos and data about Rainforests is external) ] ]The(link is external) Rainforest Report Card  Excellent data about Rainforests hosted by Michigan State University is external) ] Project Rainforest   Contains data, maps, and pictures of Rainforests

 [ is external) ] Rainforest "World Rain Forest Information Portal"  

 [ is external) ] ABCTeach - Rainforest   Information, pictures, and activities about the Rainforest is external) ] edHelper - Rainforest Activities Information, pictures, and activities about the Rainforest

 [ is external) ] Rainforest Walk A virtual walk through the Rainforest Cells

 [ is external) ] Biology for Kids This site discusses and illustrates the basics of biology and includes a large section on cells.

 [ is external) ] Excell at Cells A Thinkquest site developed by students all about cells. 

 [ is external) ] Cells Alive! A large site containing illustrations, explanations, photos, and links all pertaining to cells.

 [ is external) ] Eureka Science - I Can Do That Sections on about DNA, RNA, cells, protein and cloning.

 [ is external) ] Vision- Sighting the First Sense This site provides a large amount of information related to sight within a simple, fun, and interactive environment.

 [ is external) ] Help Detective Le Plant and his partners Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life. Dinosaurs is external) ] Dinosaur Database Pictures and information on dinosaurs from the Indianapolis Children's Museum is external) ] Prehistoric Life Pictures and information on prehistoric life from the Canadian Musem of Nature

 [ is external) ] Zoom Dinosaurs ZoomDinosaurs is a comprehensive on-line hypertext book about dinosaurs. Itis designed for students of all ages and levels of comprehension.      

Earth Science 

 [ is external) ] Weather "A Guide to the Science of the Atmosphere" from USA Today is external) ] Volcano World "The Web's Premier Source of Volcano Info"

 [ is external) ] Sea and Sky An interesting site with data and pictures about the universe and our oceans is external) ] Welcome to the Planets This is a collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program.

 [ is external) ] An online magazine devoted to Space - contains articles on current events, a large archive of pictures, and many departments is external) ] Astronomy for Kids Information on planets, stars, the sun, and the universe, not very detailed but good for preliminary information is external) ] The Nine Planets A multimedia tour of the nine planets

 [ is external) ] Ask Dr. Universe Questions and answers on many topics

 [ is external) ] Magic School Bus Activity Lab Grades K-3, activities and adventures with Miss Frizzle and her students

 [ is external) ] The Virtual Field Trips Site Students can go on virtual field trips to volcanoes, oceans, deserts,etc.

 [ is external) ] One Sky, Many Voices (Weather ) A student oriented weather site with maps, collaborative activities, live cameras around the world      


 [ is external) ] How Stuff Works Hundreds of articles about how things work such as: gas engines, cellphones, computers, etc.

 [ is external) ]National Inventors Hall of Fame Contains a large biography collection of American Inventors

 [ is external) ] Inventors Museum Anotherlarge biography collection indexed by categories: African Americaninventors, Women, Colonial, Communication, Transportation, etc. is external) ] Inventor of the Week Archive An MIT site that contains a collection of inventor biographies including many from the 20th Century  Keyboarding  

 [ is external) ] Word Shark  Excellent typing game with four levels of difficulty,b&17&28(link is external) ]

 [ is external) ]

  [ is external) ]  A complete online typing tutor      

The Arts 

 [ is external) ]  A highly imaginative art program using symetrical patterns

 [ is external) ] Snowflake Designer # Choose from three different programs.

 [ is external) ] Art Safari A site which presents art to the student and asks questions to encourage the student to write about the art work.

 [ is external) ] Artcyclopedia This is a fine arts search engine. Search by artist, title or museum.      


 [ is external) ] American Folksongs Contains the lyrics to hundreds of folksongs and many with musical accompaniments

 [ is external) ] Play Music Listen to, read, and learn about musical instruments, for teachers and students

 [ is external) ] The Orchestra Ashort but informative description and history of the orchestra. Severalexcerpts of famous orchestral pieces are included (at least 5 minutesin length) as well as an excellent lesson on how sound is producedincluding experiments on sound.

 [ is external) ] Carnegie Hall Take a virtual tour of Carnegie Hall, see a bubble photo, learn about the Hall's history and even see program schedules. is external) ] Gustav Holst: The Planets Suite A description of the music and midi files for excerpts of the music.      

Educational and Thinking Games 

 [ is external) ] Puzzles

 [ is external) ] Simulations

 [ is external) ] 100 Thinking Games 100 educational games compiled by the webmaster at Mike Mountain Horse School, Alberta Canada Strategy Games

 [ is external) ] Play Battleship against the computer or Connect 4 against another person.

 [ is external) ] Play the computer - get five in a row

 [ is external) ] Play the computer - you choose horizontal numbers, the computer chooses vertical numbers.

 [ is external) ] Hex 7 - Play the computer - build a path from one side of the board to the other.

 [ is external) ]  Trap the computer's pieces so they can't move. is external) ] Seven Seas - A puzzle about pirates and sailing ships

 [ is external) ] Fwend - Lots of thinking activities - Fish Race in the GAMES section is a form of backgammon. is external) ] -  Excellent game site - click on FREE ONLINE GAMES on the menu to the right. Puzzles is external) ] Jigsaw Puzzles - Online jigsaw puzzles with an option for setting the difficulty of the puzzles. is external) ] Rush - An interesting puzzle using cars in a parking lot is external) ] Skyscrapers - A puzzle about buildings in a city and your "point-of-view"

 [ is external) ] Penguin -  Figure out how to build a path to safety

 [ is external) ] Flood Control - To solve this puzzle you must dig ditches to prevent a flood, played against a timer.

 [ is external) ] Book Worm -  A word game similar to Boggle

 [ is external) ] Primary Games - Puzzles and strategy games Simulations

 [ is external) ] Lunar Lander - A simulation of landing a space craft on the moon, earth, and jupiter.

 [ is external) ] Golf Range - Try for a "hole-in-one" by exploring velocity, angle, and drag.