Our Inquiry Question:

To better understand what is happening for our Thompson learners, and to help them in these areas, staff have come up with the following inquiry question:

Can the application of growth mindset language and approaches, combined with an increased emphasis on metacognition (via the use of ePortfolio) positively impact student attitudes towards their learning?

Below you will see some examples of action taken by Thompson staff to bring to life our inquiry as well as some evidence that exemplifies the impact the students had towards their learning. 

Some links to examples showcased here include:

• Information via school Newsletter to parents about our inquiry titled "We're on a learninmg journey together; 

• Mr. Stokes and three of his students shared (at an Education Committee Meeting to SBO Board members and representatives) what they learned while participating in this inquiry;

• K/1 Thanksgiving Feast

• Humans of Thompson Portfolio collage 

•  K/1"Building Community" inquiry and having a Growth Mindset and "Gratitude Attitude",