School Focus for Enhancing Student Learning

Enhancing student learning is a focus at Thompson.  In order to support our students, staff engaged in a thorough inquiry process that involved scanning their current classroom contexts for student strengths and at the same time surfaced stretches that their students may be experiencing in school.  

We learned that our students come to school with a positive attitude and are excited to learn and are curious about what they are learning about.  Students at Thompson love to create and they are very comfortable working with others.  They love to share ideas and are engaged with their peers socially.  Thompson students are diverse and come from a variety of backgrounds and have differing experiences They are socially responsible and strive towards solving problems in peaceful ways. 

To determine an area for enhancing student learning…our focus, staff surfaced areas that were stretches for their students and then shared them at a Professional Development Day in May 2017. A common focus emerged from discussion. 

Students at the school have expressed, through interviews, experiencing anxiety toward school.  Staff observed students having difficulty regulating, especially when it came to working through challenging social situations or school work.  Student perserverance on school work along with having a more positive, flexible approaches to their learning were common stretches in classrooms.