Orange Shirt Day Sept 30th

Orange Shirt Day - WEAR ORANGE:  September 30 is Orange Shirt Day.  Orange Shirt Day is a day on which we  commemorate the First Nations, Métis and Inuit children who were removed from their homes at this time of the year and forced to attend residential schools.  It is through education that Truth and Reconciliation will happen.  “Truth before reconciliation” is an imperative lens in which we educate.  Please send your child to school with an Orange Shirt or wear orange at home and on your Zoom sessions. Learners in school will be given an "Every Child Matters" coloured stcker  to wear on their shirt for the day.   At school, classes will be learning about the importance of this day and will engage in lessons.  

Orange Shirt Day Video

For those of you in Transitional Learning at home, I have attached a Resource Package to engage more deeply with your child.