"School Rankings, and what they mean." 学校排名意义何在

Parent Meeting Monday May 6th at 1:30pm at Thompson School.


"School Rankings, and what they mean."


Parents from Thompson, Spulukwuks, and Blair are invited. 

特邀来自Thompson, Spulukwuks以及Blair小学的家长们参加

Bill Juhasz, Thompson Elementary School's Principal will talk about the Foundation Skills Assessment(FSA) tests, what they mean, how they are interpreted, and how that relates to the quality of your child's school.  

Thompson小学的校长Bill Juhasz先生将讲解如何理解“基础学能测试”、以及这一测试和您孩子所就读学校的教学质量有何关联。

SWIS Worker Lily Zhou and Cultural Interpreter Sophie Zhou will also be on hand to assist with interpretation. 

来自列治文教育局的移民安顿服务员Lily Zhou和翻译Sophie Zhou 将在讲座现场为各位家长提供翻译服务。

Join us for an information session, and come with your questions.