Parent Meeting for Chinese parents

Parent Meeting for Chinese parents from Thompson School

When?- Tuesday November 6th– 9:00am in the Library

Topic: Changes in how we communicate student learning (Report Cards)


 Following up from the success of the parent evening we hosted last week where we talked about the new way that we will be communicating about student learning, we thought we would offer an additional session for Chinese parents. This casual information session, hosted by Mr. Juhasz, will have a cultural interpreter and Ms. Lily Zhou (our SWIS Worker) on hand to assist with interpretation and assist in facilitating the conversation. We will also have Mr. Stokes share how his grade 6/7 class uses ePortfolio to communicate student learning, and why letter grades are no longer required. 


All parents are welcome, including parents who attended the previous session on October 16th. Parents who missed the October 16thsession (and do not require interpretation), but would like to hear about it are welcome as well. There will be opportunities to interact, ask questions, and discuss.  Hope you can make it.