Snow Days Information for Parents and Families

Snowy Days are Here!

Schools provide an important public service to the community. Closing schools on snow days is a difficult decision for the district - trying to weigh the safety of all with the repercussions for tens of thousands of working families. Most cannot arrange alternate childcare when schools are closed unexpectedly. To assist families, here is some information on what you can expect on snowy days:

Schools will remain OPEN unless conditions reach the level of civic emergency (a very rare occurrence) or there is damage or other circumstances (e.g., power outage) at a particular school that makes it impossible to operate safely.

During snow events, it is common for police and other authorities to advise citizens to avoid unnecessary travel. These advisories are very different from direction to close public facilities and should not be interpreted as implying schools are closed. Staff, students and parents should assume that schools are open. Should it become necessary to close schools, that decision will be made as early as possible, and no later than 6:00 a.m. No radio or television announcement will be made saying that schools are open. Only school closures will be announced by the following media:

Radio: CBC 690AM, CKNW 980AM, NEWS 1130AM, Fairchild 1470AM, CHQM 103.5FM

Television: CBC, CTV, City TV, Global, Fairchild TV

In addition, a scrolling notice will be placed on the district website ( and a voice message on the district switchboard (604-668-6000).

Please note that in the event of heavy snowfall, it may not be a regular school day as many students and staff members may be absent. We will ensure that the children are cared for and are safe. Many alternate activities may be planned so that students who are absent will not miss much work. Students are not required to attend school on a snow day if you feel that their safety or your own safety may be at risk. You may keep them home. However, you may send your child / children to school knowing that they may be participating in alternate activities for the day.

Plan that schools will be open on snowy days. In the event of snow, please remember to listen to the radio or check the district website for closures rather than contact the school. Please also send your children to school with appropriate clothing for playing out in the snow, as well as a change of dry clothes.