Mr. Cherry's Monday Morning News

Hello Everyone,

Here is my Monday morning news for the week of October 17th.   This week teachers will be hosting their first term conferences.  This is a teriffic opportunity to celebrate learning achieved so far this year and to set goals for the next few months.  By now you should have received your child's conference appointment time from their classroom teacher. Please contact your child's teacher if you have not received this information.  Also students will be dismissed early at 1:45 on Wednesday and Thursday.

Thompson wil be closed on Friday.  School staff will be participating in workshops and conferences throughout the lower mainland to support their practice.

Friday, October 21st will be the last opportunity to pay school supply and planner fees on-line using the Kev cashless system.  If you need instructions on how to create your account, please contact the office.

On Thursday morning, the Richmond Fire Department will be visiting our school to teach our Grade 2 students about fire safety.  There will be a interactive displays for our Grade 2 students to go through.  A big thank you to the Richmond Fire Department for sharing this important message with our students.

This Thursday our province is encouraging everyone to get involved in the Shake Out BC Earthquake drill.  At Thompson we have a plan that all staff and students have been familiarized with.  In addition this procedure is practiced at least twice a year and is reviewed on a yearly basis.  Each classroom is equipped with an earthquake kit which has water, a first aid kit, flashlight, blankets and plastic bags.  In addition the school has additional resources such as temporary shelter, shovels, basic rescue equipment and blankets. Below is the procedure that we use at our school.




•   Everyone in the school TAKE COVER under desks or tables.

•   FACE AWAY from windows or move away from items taht can fall.

•   Drop, Cover (place head close to knees, clasp hands behind neck, cover side of head with arms - face against floor) and Hold On 

•   COUNT ALOUD to 60 (earthquakes rarely last longer than 60 seconds and counting is calming).         


STEP TWO:          


         -   Teacher directs the students outside, calmly, in single file

         -   Students must wear shoes and take orange safety bag

         -   Keep calm

         -   Assemble at the outside assembly area at the back of the school 


During an earthquake, if students are on their way home, they should continue home.  If they are on their way to school, they should continue to school and assemble in the designated area.

In the event of a major earthquake, no student will be dismissed from the school unless a parent or a guardian, previously designated by a parent, comes for him/her and signs the student out of the school’s custody. If students are at the school for a period of longer that 24 hours they will lead to the Thompson Community Center.

If you have any questions about our procedure please feel free to contact me at the school.