Principal's Message

My name is Bill Juhasz and I am the Principal of Thompson Elementary School. On behalf of our dynamic staff, I welcome you to our school's web site, where I hope you will find helpful information.

September 2019 will mark my third year as the Principal here at Thompson (and 24rd year in the District as a school administrator) and I am very excited about what we have planned for the coming year.

Thompson School is a Kindergarten through Grade Seven Elementary School with a current enrollment of about 230 students, and growing. Thisyear we have 10 Divisons(classes). We boast an incredible staff of professionals, paraprofessionals and support staff who are dedicated to creating a rich, exciting, and extensive educational experience for every child who comes through our doors.

Thompson is a fully integrated school with a strong collaborative team that provides rich curricular and extra-curricuar opportunities. One of our strengths, and sources of pride is our team's abiity support children with special needs. Our band program (grade 6-7) is strong, and our students keep fit through daily phyiscal Education. Our Student Council is very active. They plan special 'spirit days', are involved in local and global environmental pursuits, raise funds for our  programs, designs their own initiatives determined by the students themselves. We have our annual Cross Country Running programs, Volleyball Teams, Basketball Teams, Track and Field and Sports Day. There is a lot happening at Thompson and we are gratetful that so many staff and parents volunteer their time to enhance the student experience at the school. 

The strong partnership between the school staff and parents is also a strength at Thompson, and one we all appreciate. Parents are a huge part of what makes Thompson a fantastic community school.  Check out the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) link to see more information on how you can get involved and join the team. Please do not hesitate to call for an appointment to see our school. We will be proud to show you our building, and the wonderful people within its walls. 

Bill Juhasz